Good morning!!!!

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Good morning, the low is 5 and the high to 19°F. No wind. Sunny! Cool!

Went to bed at midnight and that is probably why I am up so late today. Stove was out. I have oil heat as well and the temperature never gets below 73°F in here, unless the lights go out overnight. That has not happened in the 29.5 years we've been here. Touch wood.

After the crap I've pulled over my lifetime, I am thankful every day that I am still above the ground. The alternative doesn't look too attractive to me right now.

Have a safe day all
What’s the old saying?

If I knew I was gonna last this long, i’d’ve taken better care of myself!
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Good Morning Guys,
Ct, 28 to start going to 43 !

Should be leaving for Vt sometime this morning! Looks like a good day to travel, sunny with no wind. Kathleen has been sick with a bad cold, so we are not moving to fast this morning !

Don, I totally agree on the no pain no gain mentality on PT ! Kidding you of course ! 😉 Don, nice on the $2.50 gas price ! The best I have done in Ct is $3.09 at Cumberland Farms, and that was with the SmartPay card !

Enjoyed seeing all the food and desert pictures this morning but honestly still not hungry yet !

Time to start loading my pickup with things for the trip north !
Hope all have a blessed and safe day ! 🙏
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37 high in low 50s today cooler tomorrow watched football with wife ate dinner out. Very thankful for all we have.

Prayers for all our Country

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY wngsprd one day early
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Good Morning
39, partly cloudy and a high of 45 today.

Wednesday evening was in front of the fire watching Jack Ryan.


Thursday started early, I fired up the smoker to get the spatchcocked turkeys in it for my friend.

Once they were going, it was time to start crumbling and browning the Italian sausage for making stuffing. My wife bought a 22lb fresh turkey for 7 adults. Needless to say, everyone went home with containers of leftovers. And I’ll be eating turkey sandwiches for quite a while.

Daughter had to work, but I helped her to cook her first turkeys which she took to the ER where they had a staff Thanksgiving dinner with everyone bringing something. She said that it went well.

Not much planned for today, but it seems like I rarely need a plan to stay busy.
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Back when we still lived in NJ and would host large-ish holiday dinners (TG/Xmas/NYD/Easter), we would, the day before, cook an entire duplicate of the meal, and pre-package all the “leftovers” to send home with the guests. It ensured everyone got what they wanted, and also ensured that when it was time for guests to GO HOME ALREADY it was a smooth and rapid process 😂🤣😂

The only exception was the Prime Rib Roast on New Year’s Day — we would make all the sides for “leftovers” but the roast would be carved and packaged at the same time it was being plated in the kitchen.
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Good morning! Low of 22°, heading towards 38°, light snow expected by this afternoon, about 3-4" predicted.

Dinner was very good, no calamities, everyone stuffed. Leftovers divided up. All good. Shooed the son and GS's out around 7.... time for peace and quiet.

Did get all the construction debris loaded in the truck. Then got a little bit of the gravel spread out on the walkway, but only on the disturbed area so we don't track mud into the house.

Dump run this morning, then more gravel spreading. Only about a 16' x 5' area to finish. Then might start to organize the material (Old front deck and roof) to be reused to extend the back deck. Depending on when the snow arrives.......

Sounds like everyone had a great time with family and friends yesterday.

Kyle, hope your mom is doing better. That turkey pastry is amazing.... looks delicious too!

Wng, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 45 years is a milestone.

Don, lots of driving in a day. Hope PT goes well today.

Drew, have a safe trip back home.

Gonna get moving.... everyone have a great day!
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I surprised myself the day before Thanksgiving... stepped on the scale for the first time in months.....

I was "stuck" for a few months at the 200 lb. mark.... just couldn't get below that after loosing 50 lbs.
WooHoo! 189.6 lbs was the winner!

Curiosity got me this morning...... stepped on the scale --- 188.2 lbs.... after eating all the good stuff yesterday?
Not complaining at all. Hopefully the trend will continue....
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Good morning, 49 going up to 51 and cloudy, temps will start dropping in the next few days.
Got the Turkey, Mashed potatoes and stuffing done and came out perfect.
My sugar free apple pie was really good.
Today BIL and wife come over for the day and have more turkey and will make a big dish of baked brussel sprouts.

Son off to black Friday shopping with friends and will be back latter for dinner.

Brother still not back to 100% so he goes in for more stress tests next week.

I am still nauseous all the time, but the pills help and was able to eat turkey, stuffing and a small amount of mashed potatoes without losing it. Definitely am improvement.

Nephew got a promotion and niece is doing well.

Be well,