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Jul 29, 2013
Sacramento, California
Kubota B21
Recently got a new grinder. Couldn't find a good grinder stand. Everything I looked at was too flimsy, too costly, or too short. Mostly too short. They all seem to be 30 inches or so which for me at 6-4 is not a good working height. The usual solution is a truck wheel and heavy steel pipe but I didnt have that laying around. I found a used import drill press for $50 on Craigslist. Not too good as a drill press but an excellent grinder stand. For the price you get a stand that is as good as anything commercially available, and with an adjustable table. Mine is at 42 inches. Plus a decent motor, hardware, bearings, shafts, all can probably be recycled for something down the line.

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I like it, good for you! Now if I only had an old drill press lying around.
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Thats a good idea. :thumbsup:
When I use my grinder I mount it on my drill press table. It is a pain to bolt and unbolt each time but works good like you say. I never thought to find a used old or import drill press just to get the stand. Thanks for the idea.
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Great idea -- I found some old restaurant tables with a very heavy round base and four inch pipe with a 1/4 plate welded on top to fasten the table top on --@ $2.00 each they make great grinder stands. If you want higher ones - find a bar table:D
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I did the same thing yrs ago. Nice stable and heavy plus being able to adjust up and down is a bonus!!