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Your IBC tote must be bigger than the ones I have seen for sale in my area. 1.5 full cord of firewood is 192 cubic feet, or about 4x6x8.
I think he means a face cord. 4x8x~16"
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I have 2 types of ibc totes, one is 275 gallon. My tractor can lift it even with green wood overloaded to the top of the triangle cover.
Another is 330 gallon, my tractor hardly can lift it with the green wood filled to the top of the cage. But when it filled to the top of the cover and dries... I don't know yet. Worst case, I'll unload some to an avaliable tote
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Yep face cords. Thanks for catching that.
I agree - IBC totes is my choice. I now have a total of 32 of them and when I have them all full - I have 3 years of wood available. I built a platform on the rear of my house that holds 4 IBC totes which is on same level as my wood stove and therefore I can load from totes into 4 wheel wagons I bought from Northern Tool. No more lifting of wood -- my tractor does all of that by lifting the 4 IBC totes onto my platform!
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I also use the IBC totes. They work well and last a long time