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I think IBC totes are probably the best option and a great investment for someone looking at a long term of using them.
Being ultra frugal, I just wont spend what the market demands.
I like the winter scene in you picture, the mittens demonstrate the cold like nothing else. Enjoy the rest of the summer, I will.
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IBC totes for sure. Search far and wide until you find a pile of them for cheap, or even free. I got 12x at $25 apiece, then 8 more for free a couple years later. Then you have firewood storage totes for life.

I used spiffed up wooden pallets for my first few years of firewood storage and delivery to the house. They all rotted and fell apart eventually. Way too many nails in pallets to be losing around your property when the pallet inevitably starts to break down - never again for me.
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We have and use plastic pallets found for free at the local electronics recycler.

We split our wood onto them into used grain bags [pallet-sized] sourced for free from a feed factory, which although they're not great for evaporation, but if you put dry wood in them and cover them, it stays dry.
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I started with the homemade version, still in use,k and have added IBC totes.


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Here is my solution, extremely easy to use. When i need it, i just bring it close to the back door of the house.
Some of them i got for free, some for $20
The 275Gallon ones is enough for 3 weeks, the 330 gallon i don't know yet, i just loaded them this summer. They are 2025 stock.

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For about four years I have used IBC totes. Paid less than $30 each for them. I made my top taller than the previous poster and get 1.4 face cords of wood in them.

Much better than pallets in every way. Over 15 years, they will cost me $2/yr. I am cheap but not too stupid. Just the fuel to find pallets and the constant hassle is not worth getting “free” pallets. And I will not waste my time “improving“ a pallet that will rot away.

The downside is my pallets weigh about 2000 lbs when filled so a tractor with good loft cap is needead.

Last year I tried firewood bags that hold a face cord loose filled. Not a bad option either.
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I did firewood pallets for a few years. They just rot to quick as hardwood needs about 2yrs to properly dry. At that point the pallets are prety much rotted. Your also left with a bunch of crap pallets to get rid of.
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275 gallon IBC totes hold about 1/3 cord. It's about .38 cord by measuring the volume. 1/3 is close enough given that it depends on how you stack them. That's to the top of the cage. The ones in the 2515r Dude's pic that are higher than the cage are probably 1/2 cord or a little more.

My Branson can just pick up a 1/3 cord tote full of wet hardwood. A half cord might be too much. It's a ways from where I store firewood to the house so I bring up a single tote at a time with the tractor.
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Yep! IBC man as well. I think I only have about 6 or 7, but I am in SE Tennessee so I do not need as much firewood as you northerners!