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Nov 24, 2012
Near Johannesburg MI but in the middle of nowhere
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Just purchased my first tractor. An old (1988) JD 855 compact with 1100 hrs on it. It comes with a FEL, rototiller, a King Kutter brushhog, 60" mow deck, York rake and back blade. One of the attachments is some kind of "boom" that is supposed to be used to pull logs so I need to research that. I will post pictures later.

It has two flat tires that hold air for about a day or two. It would not start and I got a new battery for it. The battery is a 22F and no one here stocks it, not even the dealer! Would up getting a battery that would fit from NAPA...series 86. Put the new battery in and the starter solenoid did not even click. A friend who had used it before got it started by fiddling with the HS pedals a bit....must be some kind of interlock that is not always making. It ran well for about 15 minutes yesterday except for a fuel leak near the fuel filter.

Tomorrow the dealer is picking it up to do a complete service, change fluids, give it a once over, and repair/adjust what needs doing. I have $3500 into it and hope that another $1500 in repairs will get it performing well.

I bought it from a local widow and she was asking $3000 for it but I thought she was light. I bumped it to $3500 and told her if the repairs come in under $1000 I will give her another $500. That puts me at my budget of $5000. I knew the previous owner and he did not take care of his stuff and the machine is in rough shape. The mounting holes on the front rims are elongated and I will defer to the dealer to see if I need new rims. Do you guys think that is a fair price for her?

The brush hog seems a bit large for it but I will see how it runs when I get it back from the dealer.

Does is make sense to try to salvage the leaky tires by tubing them? The are the original tires (TURF) and 30 years old. When I first saw the machine the rear tire was not flat so I am not sure why it is losing air now. The front tire has been a problem for over a year. If I need new tires, any recommendations for a turf type tire?

Any other advice on this old baby is welcomed.

Thanks for helping my out.
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Nice Yanmar. Those are great tractors. Good that your dealer is giving it a once over. For a good turf tire I’d recommend the Titan Multi Trac. Easy on turf and good in the snow. You may also want to consider R4’s if you plan on doing a lot of loader work as they have stiffer side walls.
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You're a hellofaguy taking a chance on a tractor that was abused and offering to pay more if it works out for you.

That said if you get into a decent 855 with loader and some equipment for 5 grand you done good.

Love my little 855!
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The implements alone are worth $3000, and those were tough tractors even if it's been abused. I think that once you get the bugs out, you will be glad that you bought it.
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Congrats! The 855 is such a great machine. You'll love it. Even though its a pain, do yourself a favor and get new rims for the front and all four tires. If the fronts are OEM, most likely the rears are too. Those old turfs have thin side walls, and my 770 had a blow out that was a big hassle. Might as well get it over with. I got the Titan's and love that tire.

Good luck and have fun!
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Congrats on your new investment and welcome to TBN.
JD855 are working little mules :thumbsup: and if in descent shape you done well.
If the tires are to weather crack I'd save least one,and if your able to find rim tube the tire have spare ready to go just in case.
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Congrats on the new to you tractor. It sounds like you got a pretty good deal with all the attachments included.

I have an 850 that needs the engine worked on but it was one **** of a tractor.
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Have the dealer look in the fuel tank.. and not just change the filter.. {VERY IMPORTANT}
A 30 year old abused machine has got to have an inch or 4, of crud in it.!!!
& the last thing you wanna do is "try" to get the injection system repaired..
Congrats on the new purchase..
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G'day Mate, congratulations on the tractor and welcome to TBN from Downunder.

Enjoy the site.
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G'day Mate, congratulations on the tractor and welcome to TBN from Downunder.

Enjoy the site.
Good call! Somehow the rest of us missed that, hopefully we didn't chase him away.

If I may be a johhny come lately, as well as borrowing a little thunder from our friend down under- :welcome: