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May 31, 2011
La Grange, CA
Digging a pond and thought the tractor seemed lite in the rear end with a full load of dirt in the FEL. Always went on the assumption that the dealer did what he said an filled the tires when I bought the tractor 4 years ago. Checked it (stem down) and nothing but air. Oh well.

I'm going to buy an adapter like this one. Slime 20073 Air/Water Adapter: Automotive

Is there anything else I need?

Do I need to jack up the tractor to take the weight off the tires before filling them?

I was going to start with just water on the thought that any weight is better than just my box scraper.

Is there any reason to add something other than water (like anti-freeze)? It is parked in a garage and there is little to no risk of freezing temps in my area.
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Jack the tire off the ground so you can rotate. The valve stem is 2 piece, unscrew it at the first shoulder down form the cap and you adapter will screw on there. Valve stem should be at the top when filling. You may have stop water flow when close to 1/2 full and bleed the air out before finishing.

I filled mine with water first to see if it gave the results I was looking for. Now I will have to drain the water out and fill with some anti-freeze for winter.

I used the same adapter you have pictured, got mine at Tractor Supply for about $5.00, then hooked it up to the garden hose.
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Filled the tires on my John Deere 3038E this past weekend. My rear tires took less than 10 minutes per side. I rotated the valve stem to the top, attached the adapter and started filling. Just be careful when putting the air in the tires. They fill pretty quick............:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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You will probably be able to get fluid in there with that, but it just is not correct. Spend a few dollars and have one of the local tire services come out and do it right to begin with. What are the winter temps like in your area????

If you have tubeless rubber, you can use alcohol or the beat juice stuff. Either one is noncorrosive. If you have tubes, you can use calcium chloride which is much heavier, about 3 pounds a gallon heavier. A good tire service will have the proper tool to put on the valve stem and remove the inner stem at the same time.

This link is for the tool I am talking about. This is the professional model, and the service will have the pumps that go with it to get the job done quickly and easily.
Hydro Inflation Core Ejection Tool, Liquid Ballast Supplies - GEMPLER'S

Yes you can get it done cheaper, but the truely easy way is just bite the bullet and pay someone to do it right to begin with.
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i like to add non toxic rv antifreeze to mine. adds corrosion protection.. etc.

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The outside temps in my area may get down close to freezing once or twice a year, but not often. The tractor always sleeps in the garage so the chances of that much water freezing is next to nothing. If it's that cold outside, I can find other things to do than play, er...uh... I mean work with the tractor. Maybe inject some anti-freeze or just drain them in the winter.

I really need to find a way to fill it my self. It's about a 90 mile round trip for the dealer to drive out to my place and I have no way of hauling it into town. At least not for just a tire fill. Save that expense for when it really breaks.
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jack, garden hose, burp valve, ballast if any.

air compressor.

all ya need.

I do all my own..

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Im in the Northeast and I use water only. its garaged in under the house garage and no problems ..I wouldnt think youd have much trouble even in a garage.With the water you have the option to drain it for winter, or repairs.
Id like to get the el cheapo filler sometime but I just used a garden hose and stepped it down to a small hose that goes inside the stem ..
Slime Air/Water Adapter Kit - 1170832 | Tractor Supply Company
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What you have will work fine, mine was similar. I used the RV antifreez, non toxic and we can get to -15F here at times so need freeze protection. I used a simple drill pump and some garden hose. Burp often with the drill pump as it wont pump into much of a head of pressure. Air pressure builds up as the fluid goes in, due to reduced volume in the tire for air. Probably not much of a problem with the water supply pressure.

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Digging a pond and thought the tractor seemed lite in the rear end with a full load of dirt in the FEL.

Definitely fill the tires (might want to ask your dealer what happened, especially if you paid to have them filled).
But you should add ballast to your 3PH too. I use a ballast box with 600-700 lbs of sand, but a heavy implement (box blade, for example) would work too.

BTW, NAPA sells those air-liquid adapters if you want to save shipping costs.