Farmer who flipped trespasser's car found not guilty

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Let me make it crystal clear, I have no problem yielding the right of way to anyone, anytime but when I'm pulling a over width implement like a dis mower for instance and there is no instant place to pull over, I expect the driver of a vehicle to exhibit patience and allow me to get out of the way.

My issues develop when the drivers of said vehicles are in too big of a hurry to exhibit any patience and try to attempt to pass me when there isn't any room to pass. That is when they get to explore the pucker bush.

I have no issue with that and I know of no other farmer that does either

I'm 100% legal as well.

I had one yokel rear end me some years back too. A 4 wheel coffin is no match for a heavy implement and when the local sheriff came, the yokel got a ticket, plus his insurance got to pay for the damage to my implement.

In this state at least towed ag implements have the undisputed right of way as far as the law is concerned on secondary roads.

My philosophy is, you are in that big of a hurry... leave earlier.

I deal with that crap every growing season. Sometimes it ends well (drivers exhibit patience) sometimes it don't. Hopefully this year they will because they are on the loosing end all around.
How hard do you have to hit a 135Hp John Deere tractor to take the rear tire off with the axle attached and a portion of the rear end?

Apparently, the lad who thought he was in a hurry had a change of mind and wanted to have a conversation with the farmer who was inconsiderately only going ~20MPH. After the firemen helped him out of the tractor and the ambulance crew spoke to him, the Sherrif Deputy spoke to him and then wore his pen out while writing "love notes" to the idiot that hit him while waiting for a tow truck big enough to clear the road.
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Rated RPM in 12th gear gives me a screaming 22 My issue is, I have fields miles from the farm I tend to so I'm on the road whether I like to be or not.

Never been hit by a motorist impacting the tractors themselves but I would imagine to shear off an axle, the impact would have to be very substantial and I would hope the perp had to pay dearly too.
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Last year a farmer in the west end of the state got a rifle shot through the windshield and the radiator after he got passed by another motorist that disagrees with your "don't talk with your mouth full" attitude.
Be careful. Lots of nut cases out there.
Why I'm always armed when I'm tractoring. I either have my .223 Ruger Ranch rifle behind the seat or my Kimber holstered and next to the seat. I've dropped a few yotes in the past.
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It amazes me that in this day and age such inaccuracies still occur. When I enter my own address in Google Maps it points to a location well over a mile from my homestead.

Some of it is deliberate - and I don't know why.
While many consider where I live to be the boonies, it's almost downtown LA compared to where you are. :ROFLMAO:
Even still I experience the same thing with GPS, etc. If I enter my address in Google maps it shows it as being a half mile or so from where I really live, in Bing it's off by more or less the same amount, but in a different direction. A car GPS unit shows my street address to be in yet a third location!

As far as deliberate misinformation goes, aren't you allowed to obscure your location if you contact one of the services? I'm sure many/most government/military installations aren't shown for security reasons. Maybe some civilian operations are the same?
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I not so sure I'd want to PO the assessor. In the tax hell I live in (New York State), that could get expensive! :)
Not wrong in that thought, but I think he learned don't piss me off.