Cheap lake home? May or May not happen. (It is a go!)

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I think I would begin by clearing all that brush and making it look like someone lived there. That mobile home might be salvageable - it appears to be a fairly late model. Cleanup and repair may be possible. It appears to have blocks under it, making it not movable. Probably doesn't have axles.

Where we are, if a mobile home is on property that you own, you do not pay personal property on it, only real estate on the land. HOWEVER, if you block it in, it is considered not moveable and the real estate deed replaces the title of the mobile home.
Then, as it is a structure on the property, it is taxed by the sp ft.

If it is moveable and on your property, it is not taxable - but if located on other property (such as a trailer park), it is taxed as personal property. The designation as whether or not it is movable is if it is requested to be stationary by the owner.

If you can salvage the mobile home, it may have a lot of uses to benefit what you want to do. Disposing of an mobile home can be somewhat expensive. Having that done may cost $3000. If moving it is possible, then you will need to find some who wants it. (meaning they think it can be salvaged)

Just things you may want to consider. Good luck.
   / Cheap lake home? May or May not happen. (It is a go!)
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The first thing I did back in November was to go there and tarp up the skylight that was leaking into the tub. He was quite the bachelor with his garden tub with mirrors and a suntan tanning table in the spare bedroom.