/ Buckee's #11  
It is up and running now. They had the Grand Opening a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t been there yet.

That was fast, they had a lot to do when we went by it just a couple months ago. I’ll see next week.
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Nicest bathrooms of any roadside establishment… I stop just for those on occasion.

When I was commuting in an ICE I stopped every other day to fuel at the one in Ennis, Tx for a while. Now I only stop for a bathroom break or in the rare occasion I’m driving the Ram and need a fill on my way up 45.

They are busy in Tx, but not crazy as indicated in this thread. Last one I’ve been to that was really too busy, was Denton Tx within a year of opening.
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My several visits to the Crossville TN location have been good. No traffic jams, good gas prices. I like the BBQ.
   / Buckee's #15  
BBQ, wasabi peas and gasoline. What more can you want?

Don't answer that. LOL.
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Heard today that we are going to get a buckee's in the county. About 175 thousand square feet with 200 gas pumps and car charging station. County says it will genrate about a million dallars in food and beverage taxes. I have never been to one but hear that they are almost a vacation point. Looks like it will take about 2 or 3 years to build. Food and beverage stations are said to be oout of this world.

I have been to one in Macon, for cheap gas; and the one in St Augustine many times; for burritos/monster energy/ect. They are very busy, but they either have a very efficient check out team, or 80% of people inside the store aren't checking out when I am (lunch). Now, I stop for lunch cause I work in the area, but it surprises me the number of people dropping $200-300 on nick-naks at a gas station...
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What is really crazy about Buckees is how much they spend in roadside billboard advertising along the interstate highways.
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We stopped at the one in Northern Florida or southern GA..cant remember exactly but pulling a 40' 5th wheel, I appreciate the large parking lots and dozens of diesel pumps. I also got some food and as far as gas station food goes..It was more than acceptable. ..Think I bought a pair of flip flops while I was there as well. Im a fan of the place and I would suspect one of them would provide a hundred or more local jobs.
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That business model reminds me of Chik-fil-A. The Chik still amazes me and Buckees is right there with them.
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and I would suspect one of them would provide a hundred or more local jobs.

Suprising well paying jobs.