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Don't even consider magnetic heaters, they heat the air!

Used 2 on my CUT and 24 hrs was not enough.

Frost plug or hose style are effective as newer style screw in.
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Let the dealer put in a block heater if you choose a block heater. On this forum there have been a few horror storied of DIYs with these.

I had an unheated or uninsulated pole shed for my diesels and on days colder that 20 F I had to plug them in. They may start but was very rough.
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Lower hose heater in the Massy? It depends if there is room. Many modern small tractors are quite tight when it comes to "room to work". A quality block heater costs a bit and you don't want to goof up the install. Another person drilled through the freeze plug and kept going through a cylinder you are spending some ca$h. Talk to the dealer. Every diesel sale up here should include the discussion from the sales dept to include a block heater.
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I guess I should give them a chance on a quote. I have always "squeezed pennies' and plan to continue to do so, I change the oil on everything I own, and do almost ALL the maintainance. I do regret not buying a new tractor sooner, I've owned, used, abused, repaired, and overhauled, a 1950 Allis Chalmers WD for about 40 years, so I'm in the habit of doing things for myself, by myself, with advice where I can get it. Thanks for yours. are making complete sense!
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This is the most humorous post I have read in a while, like there is much comparison between Virginia and Wisconsin?


"humorous post"???
I live in Florida.
I did not post here, but.......
I lived in Minnesota for 24 years (1967-1991).
I have not forgotten what works best in the cold!
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I thing to be aware of when using a block heater on many of the newer engines that use temperature sensors to control the time for glow plugs or intake manifold heaters is that often they will shorten the heater time so much that an engine can fire and then quit from the cold air.

Enjoy your new tractor close to the same power and weight,
a whole bunch newer and fancier.
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I learned on my vw diesel pickup that the lower radiator hose slope toward engine or radiator matters. If slope up toward to radiator then that’s where most the heat goes with that type of heater and is not a good choice.
Installing a freeze plug heater took over a day and bloody knuckles to remove the old freeze plug. Worked much better.
Agree dealer information is cheap but very valuable.
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Thanks for all the feedback. I did find the same heater part number on Amozon, that ruff dog provided in the link to ebay. I think I know where it is intended to go, but the plug I think I need to remove is in an extended boss, just not positive ifit is in the correct position. The dealer's advice does seem to make alot of sense, I'll call them to see if they can/are willing to help. Even though it may be higher priced, I will get the OEM part.
I really like the way this thing is built, "RUGGED" is the best word I can think of.
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I've got a lower hose heater on my Iseki and it works great. Tractor stays in an unheated lean to on the back of the garage with a tarp door so it's not wind tight for sure. Put it on a wirelss remote so I can turn it on from the house without having to beat thru the snow to plug it in and a pilot light I can see from the house so I know it's on. And a battery tender as well, batteries 4+ years old and still going strong.............Mike