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TnAndy- Air dried/cured beef and pork is the best. It's hard to find around here. Those cuts of steak and pork look to be really good eats. :cool: There is a local really decent Farm2Table restaurant nearby. They usually have air dried and/or air dried & cold smoked steaks on their menu; sometimes pork. The chef does his own butchering. I will order it every time it is available. De3finitely good eats. Thanks for sharing.
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Looks amazing! What was the price tag on that behemoth?

I honestly don't remember. There was 5 of us that got the rib and I think it was 60.00 per person including tip once it was all said and done. .. the 4 other people had maybe 2 beers each and I had ice tea. ... so the bar tab may have been 40.00 of that.
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Back in the day we use to go to a place after hunting .I asked for the biggest Bud and the biggest steak , they came out with a 22 oz. steak $9.95 on a pewter sizzling plate with chopped jalopeonos and fried onions on it and a frosted liter mug of Bud $3.25 .:thumbsup::cool2: Needless to say that was the go to place for 20 years then the yuppies took it over and turned it into a high fluitin jernt and ran it down the drain . 2 years later burnt down j----- lighting I guess. As a construction worker we new all the places to go get a good hot lunch and a few beers for all under $10.00 with tip. One buy one they all got bought out and modernized. Funny these places wher e around for years then when they got bought out they changed hands noumerious times. Now you can,t even get a beer for $10.00.:thumbdown::drink: