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Dec 6, 2013
Southern Alberta, Canada
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I recently purchased a 245 that was in a fire. No one saw the fire and it went out by its self. Most of what is burnt is the guages and anything near the battery. The fuel tank appears to be ok but all the rubber lines need replacing. The fire did not get hot enough to warp the tin but the paint is burnt off. I would like to repair the tractor and either use it for a few years to make sure everything is ok or if I can make an interesting trade for something of similar value I'm open to that too.

I've downloaded the I&T manual for repairs and that will be good enough. I will need a good set of 14.9x24 R-1 tires but that can wait until I have the tractor running again. Mostly what I need is the gauges, dash, switches and wiring, throttle and the Multi-Power controls, tach and tach cable, air cleaner and hose. I might have to take the injectors in and have them tested as the fire went along the top of the engine on that side. The steering wheel is ok believe it or not but the hydrostatic steering control will probably have to be rebuilt with new o-rings and seals. I've looked for a pdf of an operator's manual as I don't have a operator's manual. The former owner is going to look for the original but for now a pdf would suffice. Any help in finding parts would be appreciated. I do have a US freight address and USPS box so getting parts wouldn't be a problem. I'm not in a hurry but would like to have the tractor running again by April or so.
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So I took most of the tractors burnt parts off yesterday and am surprised at how little damage there is. Everything was rather rusty and I anticipated problems but none of the bolts twisted off and even the steering wheel came off easily. All the metal will clean nicely and with a paint job it'll be ok. The metal isn't even warped which is surprising.

So all I really need is new hoses where applicable. I'm thinking I'll just buy some pipe and a bender and make my own replacement pipes as that will be faster than trying to clean the cocled up oil out of the insides. New gauges and switches unless I can find suitable ones from another model at the tractor wreckers in Medicine Hat. The steering motor will probably need new seals etc. New air filters and a few other odds and ends and I should have a running tractor. The tops of the injectors look like they got too warm so I'll take then in. One injector line got pretty warm too. The engine breather hose needs replacing and probably the valve cover gasket. Air cleaner to intake hose is toast but all in all I don't think anything major will need to be replaced.
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I would look at getting the metal pipes off of a salvage yard. The steel needed for the pipes is not regular pipe but higher pressure tubing as the steering system will operate between 900-2500 PSI depending on the configuration. While your at it you could pick up the guages from the yard then you will only have to hunt down the odds and ends.
Look at tractorhouse or fastline they have a salvage section, that you could use to find a yard with a tractor that would have a tractor that you could get parts off of.