1. V

    Satoh Mitsubishi etc NOS parts available

    Hello this is absolutely my first post on anything that is that is the World Wide Web. Just wanted to put some sort of ad and let you guys know that I’ve got a pretty big inventory of mostly Mitsubishi and satoh NOS parts still in factory packaging. Mostly mt160 mt180 and beaver 1 and 2 but also...
  2. quinnquest

    Satoh s-373D won't shift into gear

    I have a s-373D and all of a sudden it will not shift into any gear. With the engine on and the clutch depressed I hear grinding when I try to shift into a gear and am unable to shift into any of the gears. It is the same sound and feel as with out the clutch depressed. The PTO is functional. I...
  3. S

    Satoh Bull S-630D

    hello, Not that it matters now I guess but I recently purchased this unit with all attachments shown along with a 16ft trailer for 8k. I do not know much about tractors but we have 18ish acres that will need to be maintained and I did not want to keep paying $600 annually for bush hogging. I...
  4. AcmeDave

    Satoh S-650G won't start

    My Satoh has a 4-cylinder gas engine. Over the past year I've replaced: - Fuel lines, filter, fuel pump, carburetor - Spark plugs, wires, points, condenser, ignition coil Each time it ran a little better or worse. The last thing was the coil which did wonders. Now it won't start at all. Not even...
  5. L

    Satoh S650G Problem

    Bought a Satoh S650G the other day and while unloading it it ran low on fuel. Refueled with good gas and now it will just crank, fire, run a second and die. But then after about 10 tries of this it ran fine enough to load up a brush hog on a trailer. Shut it off and it did it again. Any help is...
  6. S

    Satoh Bison PTO Seal leak

    The PTO seal is leaking on my Satoh Bison 650G. I am trying to get the PTO shaft out to replace the seal. The shaft will slide out about an inch and a half then stop. How do you get the shaft out? Should it just pull out? Thanks for any help.
  7. E

    Satoh Beaver S373-D 4-wheel drive

    My Beaver is a S373-D, 3-cyl, 4-wheel drive selectable version from late 70's. Had some wiring smoke and burns this winter and finally got parts to fix it. Color and age on a few wires not readable since it has been painted over. Many connectors were broken and a few wires burned and insulation...
  8. D

    2 Satoh Bucks 1 Kubota b 7100 Western Maryland USA

    I have 2 Satoh Bucks S470D and one Kubota B 7100 HST that I am looking to sell or trade. Details: 1 Satoh ran when I parked it a couple years ago. It has a wiring issue 1 Satoh I acquired for parts about 8 years ago Was told it ran but I never had it running I have the manuals (Owners and...