1. D

    I need help finding a side link pin

    This for the 3 pt on a Kioti. The pin is 5/8" x 2-1/2". This is the one that wasn't pulled out and lost mowing brush. The biggest issue is the square head. I cannot find square head clevis pins anywhere. I can find round head pins, anywhere from $1.34 to $17.79. I think I'll try the $1.34...
  2. J

    Converting Pin on to SSQA, adding/mounting QC couplers to replace hard connected hoses.

    Getting ready to convert pin on FEL 4n1 bucket (Wr Long on Kubota B21), which has "hard connected" lines from the solenoid valve to the 4n1 jaw cylinders, to SSQA. Obviously, the thing to do is add QC couplers, And replace the well abused original hoses. I bought it that way, in case you...
  3. M

    TN55S joy stick boot change, joystick lock pin, foot throttle, gear and range shifter boots.

    All, I looked around to finger out how to change the boots on these (TN 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 cab models). All I learned is that others asked similar questions as well as a locking pin problem (locks the joy stick motion -- sliding collar on the joystick) but didn't list what they did or how they...
  4. H

    GC1725 FEL (FL1805) Pin Rattles Out?

    FL1805 has anyone had issues with the loader pin rattling out? In case there is a question about what pin I mean it is item 5 on the image. I've had this happen a few times, luckily I've always been able to find it.
  5. N

    Age and Price w/PIN

    Hello! I was wondering how I can figure out and age and price based on a VIN/PIN number? Thank you!
  6. C

    Backhoe bucket pin backed out one side

    Hello, I was digging up a stump and just as I finished I noticed this backhoe pin hanging out half way. I tried putting downward pressure on the other side to line things up again but still couldn't get it line dup enough to go back in. I think the bracket on the side still pinned might be bent...
  7. J

    Convert pin on bucket to quick attach SSQA and build pallet fork quick attach frame

    Just converted my Ford 1710 with 770B loader from pin on to quick attach. Also built a quick attach pallet fork frame. Build your own Quick Attach pallet fork frame Build your own Quick Attach pallet fork frame Link to adapter specs in the video description
  8. T

    R&R Roll Pin on Mower deck.

    Removing/Reinstalling a Roll Pin. I have a B3000 with a RCK60-30B(A) belly mower. The lift linkage portion that hooks to the deck to raise and lower it, has a Roll Pin that looks to be broken in 1/2. Items in Parts Diagram for the CK60-30BA are Part #290 (Pin Spring) #75599-52532, AND Part...
  9. L

    What would these 2 parts be called?

    I just discovered this after doing some heavy bush hogging with my 2610 - this is the left stabilizer arm, and both that U-shaped joint was bent and the pin was snapped off. Any idea what these parts are called so I can order them? I looked at Michigan Iron's website under the hitch section, but...