1. U

    Solved Building Electrical Breaker Tripping.

    Got a call the operating room corridor hallway lights went dark... this is one of the circuits on the life safety panel. This wing was built in 1995 and circuit is lighting only... no outlets ruling out something like a heater being plugged in and overtaxing the 20amp circuit. Reset the...
  2. P

    Building a Loader for MF240

    Anybody got information or deign for building a loader similar to the MF 232 loader? The only ones available are attached to tractors, and I have the tractor. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. mx842

    Need some suggestions on how to fix water getting into my new building.

    I just had a 60X60' metal building put up and Everything is wonderful accept the lousy concrete pour. Aside from having a bunch of cracks everywhere there is a low place in the center of the floor where water will hit the concrete out in my covered side shed and end up piling up on the wall and...
  4. R

    74 hp skid vs 74 hp hoe for building tiny acreage?

    Morning folks.. I'm retired and want to build a garage with a apartment myself.. I used to do hvac and maintenance so I know a little about construction and Ive been reading.. No building inspections in my remote area of Iowa. So I'm going back and forth about what machine would be the...
  5. N

    Aluminum decking

    [I was going to reply to this thread but decided not to hijack... ] I've been considering aluminum decking to replace ours. Our deck currently is about 3" of exposed aggregate over what should've been a layer of bituthene, and thus theoretically watertight, because part of the deck is over an...