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Getting back to old my wife cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and found this! Look how big the bar is compared with today!
For years at our lake we kept Ivory soap when we went for a swim because it floats.
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When you want to get on your motorcycle and leave for a week or so. :)
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2019, speaking for myself and where I live was as if all the stars finally aligned.

Long boarded up buildings and nearly abandoned neighborhoods were being revitalized without tax money and Oakland was suddenly a destination with micro brews and 5 star rated eateries and community events drawing thousands… us locals were looking at each other saying it’s finally happening… crime down city revenues exceeding projections and optimism high… we had been discovered with young people seeking Oakland as a place to put down roots changing demographics and schools…

Biggest complaint: Gentrification. Have not heard that word in 4+ years.

This reversal had never happened before in my lifetime… 5 generations of my family seeing a steady decline and decay.

Pandemic hit and everything went on life support with people just trying to hang on…

Then inflation and off the wall crime, looting, riots and those hanging on threw in the towel in year 3… very sad all the way around…

At least I had a glimpse of what might have been… 2019… Oakland CA
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