Yellow Jackets under deck enclosed by ceiling.

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I have killed quite a few yellow jackets over the years with a pump up sprayer and fuel. You can do the same with big cans of hornet spray.

Yellow jackets will always have a couple of guard dogs flying around on the look out. They will see movement and fly back in the nest to round up the troops. Then they will pour out of the entrance in droves. That is when I get them.

I get the guard dogs attention then get ready to fire on the entrance. As soon as I see one I start and keep going until they stop coming out. It will be more than you can imagine and that nest will be huge. Like will not fit in a five gallon bucket huge. Make sure whatever spray you use will down them on contact. They will be very angry and can be on you quick. Hope you get them.
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Call me crazy, but...

I have "removed at least a 'half dozen hornet/ yellow jacket/ ground wasp/ white face pest habitations (many involving dangerous stings)

With a shop vacuum.

Set the hose nozzle adjacent to the entrance /exit pathway, turn on the vacuum, and walk away for an hour or two.
It's hard on the vacuum motor, running so long, but the population reduction dooms the nest. Literally thousands of the buggers get splatted on the canister inlet baffle. The "queen starves" and that's the end..

Don't use a home cleaning vac, the bags provide a soft landing for the insects. Hell to discard ;-)

Watching, It is hard to get the buggers as they depart, they sense the wind and blast off anyway. But on the return, hovering as they come home. S U C K... gone at the speed of sound!

A band of white and black tape around the end of the nozzle will make them attack it as well.
Picked that tip up from a guy who works for the local venom collection company around here.
Helped a friend get rid of a nest in his shop wall last year that way. It took a second session a week or so later when some of the brood hatched. There is something very satisfying about watching them accumulate in a see through canister vacume!
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A poster uses this for carpenter bees and I tried it, worked great for quite awhile. Bought it at Lowe’s. He said the cyfluthrin is the key ingredient. They have other products under this label.

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I always get droves of small yellow jacket nests in the eves of the house and out buildings. Left alone - they have never bothered me much. A couple years ago - mowing my yard - WHAP. I got hit right in the face - hard - by some flying creature. Turned out to be a bald faced ( white faced ) hornet. I found the nest and late at night I got rid of it.

Many, many years ago I found a large ( bigger than a basket ball ) paper bark wasp nest in my carport. I made a POOR decision to burn it. Damn near burned down the carport. That thing ignited and burned with the intensity of a highway flare. Live and learn..........

If you are unable to get the appropriate chemical onto the nest and knock it down - - you need to get professional help.
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Good luck, I should buy hornet and wasps spray by the pallet... used 7 cans on one just yesterday.
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Good luck, I should buy hornet and wasps spray by the pallet... used 7 cans on one just yesterday. hornet, 7 cans? That sounds like something I would do.
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I had a hornets nest, used tempest powder at night. 2 days later all dead.
I had 2 yellow jackets nests, one inside a sophet, a little blast of tempest at night by each entrance. 24 hours later all dead.
YJ nest in an old stump, night time visit, all done.

This was last weeks problem. Now completely gone.

1) do not use a flashlight with hornets, especially the bald faced ones, they do have "guards" that will follow the light.
2) get a long bulb duster, it does not take much powder to kill a nest. only a few need to get the powder on them to spread it quite well.
3) Make sure you know where the entrance is, when it's dark you don't want to be guessing. First round on the hornets nest I completely missed the entrance and had to go back the next night to finish the job.

Good luck, and do not breath in the powder! This is only advice, I am not a pro, have just taken out a few dozen YJ and hornet nests this way.

If they are high up and you feel you need to use a ladder, call a pro, hard to run on a ladder :cool:

If you do not feel safe or are allergic, call a pro.

If you get chased when you try to do this, they will become quite aggressive.

Call a pro if you have any doubts. I know too many people that have learned just how fast/nasty these things can get.

The cans of spray only work if they touch the insect that is to be destroyed.
I was never able to get a whole hornet or YJ nest by using cans of anything.

Do not use tempest where it can get ingested by anything you don't want to eliminate, read the directions.

Good luck in your decision.
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I have a second floor deck where the bottom is sheeted with steel siding to make a roof over the patio under the deck. I have used several cans of yellow jacket spray on the nest from above but they are still there and very active.

Any ideas how to kill this nest? I got stung 4 times in about 3 seconds.
Had t he same exact deal going on with one of my rentals 2 years ago. Jackets built a nest in an outside wall between the exterior brick and the interior sheet rock at ceiling level and were going in and out between the soffit and the exterior brick wall where the soffit met the brick. Tiny little opening but enough for those buggers.

I'm highly allergic to any bee sting, jackets included so here is what I did.

I took my shop vac. took the bag out and put about 2 inches of water in the bottom and added a squirt of dishwash soap. The I attached the hose and put on the 'crevice tool'. When it was dark, I put a step ladder up by their entrance and attached the crevice tool to the ladder with a bungee cord and positioned it right at their entrance and exit hole. Come dawn I plugged in the vac and let it run continuous. Little buggers got socked into the crevice tool by the thousands, no way could they overcome the suction, I watched them with glee as the got sucked into the abyss, never to get out (the soapy water killed them instantly.

I let it run all day, shut it of at night and started it again at dawn and repeated until no more came out (empty nest). Took the ip off the vacuum and it was loaded with thousands of stinky bee carcases which I dumped in the ditch out back.

That too care of my jacket issue. If it happens again, I'll do the same thing again and it works on the ones in the ground too. It is a joyful thing to watch them get sucked in, never to bee (play on words) seen again. :giggle:
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Don't use a home cleaning vac, the bags provide a soft landing for the insects. Hell to discard ;-)
Use a shop vac with NO BAG inside. A wet-dry one with water-soap in the bottom. Instant death for the buggers.

Been there, did that (read my post). I don't use bug spray when the vac suction does it much better.