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Can you be a little more precise about where the smoke is coming out under the head. Are you talking about the outer circumference of the head where it makes contact with the block or somewhere in the middle of the head? Pictures possible? Valve are to be set at .006". Easiest way to set the valves on your Yanmar
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Send the head to a shop and have it checked. Sounds Warped. Head Gasket? Hopefully it's the HG. and they can resurface the Head. The Cyl. Liners in good shape then get the head and valves done with new rings your be good. At least the motors not locked down!!
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I circled where the smoke was coming out of and I took the pic when I was cranking the engine over so the smoke is visible in pic but a lot more obvious in person.
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That is engine blowby. I suspect if you have it running your vent tube will be blowing pretty hard. Similar to this.
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No valve cover gasket. I didn't have a gasket either when I pulled the cover to CHk. The valves Yrs. ago. I ran a small bead of form-A-Gasket round the head and never had a problem. Thought it was odd no gasket but I seen it come up before.
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So no valve cover gasket can cause issues? Or were you just saying I don’t have one?
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Your going to end up with a leak. Doesn't take very much. You can get a Valve cover gasket from Hoye I'm pretty sure. #36 on the Ym2000 Dia.


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But will stopping blowby at valve cover help engine start? :cautious:
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Valve cover gasket has nothing to do with blow by or starting, only seals oil from running out. Any blow by is coming from crankcase and that is the smoke you are seeing when valve cover is off.