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Dec 16, 2009
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Another project probably not needed but just wanted by me so here tis. My lift slowly leaks down so I decided to order all the o-rings and gaskets to go through it. The way the 2002 lift works it constantly raises it if it drops a minute amount it will pick up a minute amount. Remember all Yanmars are not created equal and this one is quite different than the 1500, 1700, 2000, etc. Took sort of step by step pictures. I have cleaned up and put everything back together except I did not receive the lift piston o-ring. I ordered it this afternoon from Crown products. They indicated it might be in tomorrow. Hoyes did not have it and indicated it could be a week or so to get it. Many of these Yanmar o-rings are Japanese standard and not readily available just anywhere. Enough blah blah blah. Will be glad to answer any questions if I can.

Might just state this one thing. The complete lift assembly as you see removed I would estimate weighs around 100lbs. There is nothing there but steel. Took a couple of pictures looking down in the differential housing and pto assembly. I lightly hones the lift cylinder. The o-ring did have noticeable wear. Hope this cures it.
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Why are there 2 of these? I guess you could not fugure how to add your pics to this one that you forgot?
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Why are there 2 of these? I guess you could not fugure how to add your pics to this one that you forgot?

Didn't even realize I had done it twice. Sorry about that. If I could I would delete it.
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maybe it is related to the dbl posting that we get?
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there is only 8 mins between the 2, this one being the latter?
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