why so many jeeps now on road?

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Ford noticed the trend and are trying to take a bite out of Jeep's market share. Will they be able to? Who knows, the chip shortage is sure screwing up a lot of plans.

So you have a car vs who knows vs a jeep;
Ford has made so many runs at Jeep or actually the 4wd utility market and screwed it up every time,
from the original Bronco, which got bloated. Then the Bronco II which was decent for a couple of years
and got bloated and carified and now going to try a Bronco again :mad: 🤬
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Would really like one of these. Jeep on ‘roids
I like the 350 v-8, low bucket seats and center console


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Didn't Ralph Nader help kill those? Just like a CJ5, people were buying them and trying to drive like it was a sports car.
Not that I'm aware of, but could be....
Those trucks weren't notorious for flipping over, were they?
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They even had a K20 Blazer for a couple of years, that was a beast.
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For Thanksgiving I talked to my brother in law about his new Jeep. 4 door, 8 speed automatic, 2.0 turbo gas engine. He flew to Nashville to get it. Apparently a big Jeep dealer there, had somewhere around 150 in stock, they apparently still sell them with a discount.
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They even had a K20 Blazer for a couple of years, that was a beast.
Same truck, just another leaf or 2 in the spring packs
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Well I almost succumbed to the Jeep allure.
I have been driving my FWD VW TDI all these years and fighting my way up hill back home when it gets snowy so I decided I needed a 4wd winter ride.
Started looking at Wranglers and was blown away by the prices people were asking for rusty, old Jeeps.
I actually bought one with the fantasy of putting some money into it and fixing it. But my bubble was popped before I even got it home. Way too much work for me.
I sold it as fast as I bought it. Good luck to the next guy.
Then I looked at Tacoma's, since a pick up would be more practical but ran into the same high dollar issue.
Finally found the perfect vehicle, a well used Nissan Frontier 4x4. Priced thousands below either of the above machines and a solid mid sized truck.
Drop a TDI motor into the Nissan and you'd have best of both worlds! I got charged up thinking about a Nissan Patrol with an OM606 in it because, well, I only do diesels! :LOL:

I haven't seen any real increase in Jeeps around here. If anything it's Teslas. And always diesel pickups, which seem to make up about 40% of everything on the road out here!

I don't have hills or a lot of snow to worry about, so my old TDIs are the perfect tools for me: seven years now and I never get tired of driving mine. Prices on old TDIs are also up (and old diesel Mercs are also insanely priced).
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…….. for the same reason that I love to drive my Silverado crew cab, long bed, Duramax 4x4 one ton diesel DUALLY. I see a lot of one ton pickups on the road & I happen to ENJOY just driving it when not towing my 5th wheel travel trailer. Sure there are a lot of Wranglers out there but also tons & tons of pickups & SUV’s out there today too. The American sedan with trunk is dead.
I was aiming for a newer Duramax (LOTS of research- I'm NOT a brand-follower; I've got a 12v Cummins [it'll run until the end of time]; I've never owned a GM product*, but after going through all the issues with other manufacturers' trucks I was good to go with a Duramax). Changed my plans.

*Swore I'd never own one. I'd also sworn that I'd never own a diesel car... I eventually dropped that mentality.

About the "sedan with a trunk" being dead, yeah, I predicted that about 20 years ago. I'd had a Saab 9000 CSE hatchback. That car convinced me that in the future 4cyl turbo hatchbacks would be more the norm: and that's proved true. My cars are both hatchbacks: MKIV VW TDI Golfs.

[For me] It's all about the best tool for the job.
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Gal came on fox business a few years back drumming her new book......

It was something like 7 things about women that men don't understand.

Two. I will never forget. These from the authoritative source

1.....If a woman is complaining or whining about a problem they don't necessarily want you to help.....just listen.

2.... The only thing about a car women care about is......does it have gas?
For my wife the correction would be #2:

"Does it have diesel?" :D (at 700+ miles per tank there's a lot less filling up to be done on our cars)