What's your average mpg?

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Still rocking the TDI beetle every chance I get where a truck or van isn't needed. 30 -50 mpg depending upon your need for speed. ;)
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With Ford they have a program called Forscan. It can change a lot of different things and one of them is the mpg. I think you’re talking small numbers though, just a couple mpg.

I’ve gotten some incredible fuel mileage with a F150 with a 5.0 V8 and a Chrysler 300c with a 5.7 Hemi. It’s hard to say how good because the displays weren’t designed to show mileage that good. Maybe as high as 50 mpg on the Chrysler. In both cases it was due to a 30 mph tail wind.
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I know some crooks and crooked people but I don't know of one that would rewrite the software coding in a motor vehicle to change the MPG being displayed.
Didn't say that. I said there is a way to get inside to tweak the value. Sometimes a scan tool is needed. Ford has an "engineering menu" where one can enter the fudge factor with no tools other than knowing what buttons to press to get there.

I can send you a photo of my Chevrolet truck travel at 60 MPH and getting 80 plus miles per gallon. All you have to do is have the instantaneous MPG option in your DIC (Drivers information center) and let off the gas while going down hill.
I got one of 99.9 MPG in my F-150. But his is more impressive:

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lots of cars you can reset the mpg and then the "avg" will be the average since reset... which may be the last 10 seconds with a tailwind, going downhill.
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38-40mph a gal.