What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

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I would never accumulate 275 gallons of waste oil.

I take all my garbage to a waste collection facility provided by our county. They have a waste oil tank there. You are supposed to limit to 5 quarts but I usually dump 5 gallons.

My hydraulic oil is all purchased from, and returned to Tractor Supply. From my experience they ALL have a tank but you have to find the one and only person that knows they accept it. Sometimes they get a little snarky about it. The one in Thomasville Ga. takes it with a smile but you still have to ask for the manager. The cashier won't have a clue.
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I had 2, 55 gallon barrels full and found a guy that was delighted to pick it up at no cost to me. He then sold it to one of the cement plants in Midlothian TX where they burn it for fuel in the cement making process. He said it was a sweet side job for him. This was about five years ago.
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Many places that sell oil (auto parts stores) or do engine services (auto mechanics) take used oil here in MN. Also, many places use waste oil to burn for heat. No idea what things are like in PA.
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Around here, 15 miles off the main highway, shops have to pay to have it hauled away. I'm hoping to have enough money left when I finish my shop to be able to afford a waste oil boiler. I'm also hoping to be able to run a line to the house for auxiliary heat, both in a power outage and to reduce the electrical consumption on my geothermal furnace.
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I put my waste oil in any jug I can find laying around, from half gallon to 3-q/2 gallon. Then when I am sick of tripping over them I load them in the back of the pick-up and take it to the county landfill. They unload the truck and off I go.

I took oil to a parts store one time but I had to load oil on a cart, push it through the store to the read and dump them in a barrel. County waste setup is nice and never leave the drivers seat.
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I take mine to the saw shop, where they have a waste oil furnace. He did mention once that he's not supposed to take hydraulic oil because of the additives.

I would like to find someone to come take about 500 gallons of old, unused #2 heating oil. The tank in back of what was my father's work shop is nearly full, but falling over and we need to lift it, pour a slab, and replace. There's also a tank from one of the old greenhouses. Both are at least 10 years old and I'm getting conflicting reports whether it spoils or not.
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I wouldn’t think fuel oil ever spoils as long as there’s not water in it
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Take mine to the local Advance Auto, 2 locations here. AutoZone also takes it. Had not thought of checking with TSC or any others.

I just walk by counters and go to the back and pour into a tank there.