What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

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I'm in crapafornia and I burn all the used oil I can get in my foundry furnace.. problem is, I cant get enough of it, so I have to use propane instead.
Way back in the 80s you used to have to pay to haul it away, for awhile it was a commodity and recyclers would pay for it.. now thanks to ******* "eco" freaks yo once again you have to pay to haul it away.. (we've successfully got a recall on the governor coming up) I'd get used frying oil from Burger King and run it in my VW diesel rabbit p/u. funny to watch others at traffic lights wondering where the onion ring smell was coming from. :)
Good luck with the recall effort! I hope it is successful!
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Some of my used oil gets used doing prescribed burns on the various properties for wildlife management/reducing fuel loads in the drip torches. 60/40 mix-used oil/gas. My trailers with wood decks get a coating about once a year on a hot summer day using a roller and pan. Puts the oils back into the wood. The local trash/recycling center gets the rest.