What did you do for your tractor today?

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Aug 9, 2022
Temecula California
Kubota MX5200 HST, 773 Bobcat, Cat forklift
Was going to title this what did you do for your Kubota today but I don't discriminate. All tractors matter.
Being a new to me owner of the MX5200 I greazed her up today and found a busted zerk. Ordered a couple extra specifically for Kubota. Does anybody know - are they metric threads? :unsure:
I added a voltmeter and phone charge port combo next to my recently added phone holder. I love some rock and roll when I'm mowing or grading the road via the noise cancelling headset.
Nice to see the battery voltage displayed, allows for an alternator check and a starting load test too. LED digits draw next to nothing to run. Daily attrition is 50 times more than this gadget draws.
I welded some 3/8ths hooks on the bucket. Every tractor I've had gets this mod. Real handy if you are moving, pulling, or lifting stuff. Finished up with a little orange spray paint.
Pictures or it didn't happen. What have you done for your tractor lately?


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Much appreciated modifications.

Kubota grease zerks are odd. Most are British. I had tractors that had a mix. Dealer is best option as they are somewhat hard to find. Assortment sets of English or metric are cheap compared to British.

Finally bought a gauge not just for the Kubotas but also other equipment from Zoro tool. Global manufacturing necessity.
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Nice welding. Your 3/8" hooks are larger than what I use. I tend to go with bolted on a backing plate.
BTW, what chain do you use? Have you found a source for good - i.e. non-chinese chain & fittings?

We just made up some two and three part chain slings for moving things around on the property. Bought 5/16 grade 80 chain and wish I'd bought quarter inch instead. Too heavy. One well cover we moved weighs 4200 lbs; more than the Kubota can handle.

Kubotas have several different threads for zerks. Mine has different zerks on the loader than the tractor and never sure which one it is. Plus we have yellow & green JDs. They are dfferent, too. The solution was to buy a selection and a zerk thread gauge from Zoro.com.

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Thanks for posting. Yeah, I like that zerk id card Smokeydog posted. I was pretty sure anything I had was ASE threads. I figured I needed OEM since everything I've touched on this machine has been metric. Messicks had a loader blowup with part numbers and options for 45º and 90º zerks. I should get a little supply for mishaps.
I'm using 3/8ths chains. Two 20 footers I bought many yrs ago at HF. And then one 10 ft.
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Found this mirror on the road-side so I made a bracket arm and put it on the L3010.



Also needed a place for saw gas and bar oil on the M5640. If you look close you can see some valve stem protection too that don't require welding on the rim.



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Hey Gordon, Nice work. I like the gas n oil can rack. I think a couple of holes and bungie cord would secure the cans and complete the project.
Nice the valve stem protection too. Gonna have to look at mine.
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I got a couple hours of seat time gathering and disposing of surface rocks.
Then I painted my bucket level indicator rod orange above the level mark and black below.
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Hate to say it but kind of beat on the old Rhino today.

Had it at another property doing clean up and needed it back home a few miles away to unload a pallet delivery tomorrow. So worked it hard moved a lot of rock and several tons of dirt.
When it gets pushed forward / reverse to quickly some gear grinding may take place.

I got the work done, but still ended up driving home in the dark.

My next tractor will have a Hydrostat trans....
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Differential lock pedals.

Parking brake on lamp.


Chainsaw, chain and tool holders
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Opened the back door YUP its still there😅
Yesterday I did fill the bucket up made a run to
the dumpster out front