Welding a hydraulic hose

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Apr 21, 2012
Cascade Mtns of WA state
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Ok here we are. Broken hose fitting. Done for the day?
30 minutes later I’m digging again.
Only problem is I have to remember to replace it.

I welded a short bead, then sprayed water on it to prevent heating the rubber hose. Repeating all the way around.
That's why it's an ugly weld.🤣🤣


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Yup, been there! Not broken, but had to make up some adaptor fittings that didn't exist.

Looks like that hose was getting ready for replacment anyways!
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Hose still in good shape, I broke the fitting with “operator error”.
Got back to work but it drips dangit.
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As crusty as that fitting looks i figured the hose wasn't far behind lol.

Hopefully it holds until you can get a new hose made up.
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Steel will hold. Worst thing about this is "it works" and other repairs rise higher on the list. Luckily "it drips" which will keep it on the list to make it right. I just went back to work, and have not checked if its a weld pinhole or leaking at the connection. nIt could be the fitting, or its mate was damaged by the impact.

TMGT I've welded fittings together too (to make compact adapters).


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it is good to have a welder