Weight distributing hitch worth?

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Aug 19, 2008
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Wondering if anyone knows what this hitch might be worth. Can't remember what I paid for it a few years ago....think it was around 400?? but not sure. Been sitting in storage ever since. I might as well cash it in...



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I think you're probably remembering right; about $400 is what I'd think you paid for it. But what you can get for it now???? My wild guess would be about $250. People just won't pay an individual what they pay a dealer for something. And you have a very limited market.
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I've seen them in our local swap sheet and you'll be lucky to get half of what you paid. Maybe a little more if its in an unopened box.
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This place is selling the #1410 hitch new for $317.43 plus shipping.
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I've been watching my local craigslist for a while now because my dad and I are sharing an equalizer hitch. I've seen a lot for $150 or more. Where yours is still in the box, I bet you could get $200. You may get $250 if you were patient and kept the ad renewed regularly.

I'm holding out to find one under $100. I've seen them in the past, but they go fast at that price.
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I got one on craigs list, it was like brand new for $100, the guy that had it inherited it from his father in law
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Ok, thanks gents! Sounds like a poor investment..:eek::laughing: If anyone is interested, I'll take 200 for it.
Unopened in box.
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I found a couple sites selling that hitch for prices between $258 -317.00
Regular list for the 1410 model is $378.00 so $200 is a very decent price.
I already have 2 WD hitches (I've had them for years) and only wish I could have got them for that price. Mine are only 1000 lb and 1200 lb. and I hardly use mine.
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I bought mine off of CL with ball for $200. Drawtight 10K