Veteran Appreciation Thread

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I understand; I damaged my knees and back, I was just a diesel mechanic attached to an MP unit when I went to Afghanistan. Apparently my body didn't agree with the decisions I made. I can't walk or stand for extended periods, but at the end of the day it's depression that eats at me.

No good story, just a body and mind trying not to completely give up.
Aww man, I am so sorry to hear. Please keep trying to stay positive. I don’t know how you feel about religion, but once I rekindled my relationship with Jesus Christ, and stopped listening to negative people, my life improved.
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Thank you gentlemen, I appreciate it, and I'm doing alright. I've been seeing a counselor for about 7 years now, as well as found a relatively reliable combination of medications. With regards to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I'm working on it; I've come a long way from where I'd used to be, but I'm still the biggest obstacle between me and God. Though, aren't we all? Anyhow, the Lord knows I'm trying and between that and my children I'm sure that's why I'm here.