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Isn't that an allison?
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I guess I learned today.
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I believe the 10 speed in the Ford is made by GM... which may explain the problems....
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Made by GM but branded by Allison. Thought it was that one. Had 1 in our shop, eventually we will be remanning them in a couple years.

If they followed Allison engineering, wouldn't surprise me if it's a valve body. Very temperamental. Pressure issues also
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The 10 speed in the F150 and GM half tons was co-developed, but the 10 speed in the Super Duty is a separate beast.
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Isn't that an allison?
No, Ford only used Allison transmissions in their medium/heavy trucks. It’s amazing how that urban legend persists.

About 15 years ago, I was on a construction site and there was a short, mouthy little roofer‘s helper running around poking fun at my GM duramax/allison 3500. He finally went a little too far and said his Superduty “had an Allison transmission in it“. I told him he was wrong. He got very short-man defensive and demanded I “prove it”.
I parked both trucks side by side and we crawled under each one. I pointed out the differences and he very angrily admitted he had a basic Ford transmission and my GM had the Allison. Never spoke to me again after that :ROFLMAO:

Funny story: There was a time when Ford had GM (Detroit/Fuel Pincher) engines and GM (Allison) transmissions in their Ford medium duty trucks. Those were some pretty shameful days for Ford.
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Back when there were still magazines, I read a couple articles that showed reasons why the Ford Torqshift was good or better than the Allison of the day. Doing a search here is a similar article on the newer ones. As with most things, take it with a grain of salt.

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I bought it "used" about 2 years ago with 800 miles on it. The previous owner traded it for a black one to match his car trailer.

Thats what a good salesman would say. Even if the original owner had problems with it right out of the gate and got rid of it, so it was someone else’s problem…

Average mileage in my State is just over 16k a year or 1300+/month. The guy has the truck for a few weeks and then remembers the color of his trailer and wants them to match so bad, he’s ready to go back through the buying process all over again…

Sounds fishy.