TYM T474 oil and filter change.

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Jul 8, 2020
Flathead County, Montana
I jumped ship and made a video while I did the 1st oil change on my T474 this weekend. This engine is pretty much a straight shot and easy to service. Filter I used was aftermarket NAPA FIL1626 and Rotella T6 5w40 for winter use in Montana. Anyway, take it for what's worth. I've run into so many nay-sayers of using non stock filter (Not easy for some of us to get, as local dealers never stock consumables.)

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Thanks for posting the video. I have a T574 that has the same engine but with turbocharger. I still have under 50 hours so have not done the 50 hour service yet. There is a good chance that I might have missed the second oil drain plug without your video. The owners manual makes no mention of two drain plugs. Another thing not in the manual is that when you change the front axle fluid (part of 50 hour service) you should remove the vent plugs at the top of both wheel gear housings. Not doing this may result in low dip stick readings after driving for a while. Maybe your front wheel housing is different from mine but take a look for the vents.
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Thanks for the tip nepa. When my 50 hour service and the rest of the fluids come due I will have to keep the front axel air vents in mind.
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By the way, do you happen to know the Wix number, or any other brand, for the hydraulic filter for your 474 or my 574? Thanks.
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I don't have the long HST filter on my 474 like your 574 has, I believe mine has the short suction filter only. And that has not been confirmed yet if it will fit as I'm waiting on 50hours. Only at 25h now.
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I realize this is an older post, but thought I would add a note regarding the oil filter. The engine in our 474 & 494's is a Kukje A2300N2 which is also used in a few Bransons. Wix is showing their "WL7237" for Branson tractors with the Kukje A2300N2 engine. (TYM t474's wasn't bringing up anything on Wix's website). But when you click on the "all appplications", it shows both Branson & TYM tractors with the A2300 engine. I ordered a couple WIX WL7237 oil filters and hope to change the oil in the next few days. Will update w/ findings.


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I've used a Wix 51626 for almost 200h now with no issue.
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I'm using a CNH 87289613 filter on my A1700 engine that my dealer (also Case dealer) sold me that should also work on the A2000 and A2300 engines. However this filter is smaller in diameter and length than the OEM one, so for that reason I don't really recommend it.

On the next change, I'll most likely use the Mann Filter W 815/5 which is the correct replacement.
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The NAPA 1334/Wix 51334 that was most referenced before I found the more correct sized filter was also much smaller that the original TYM filter that was made by Mann/Hummel.