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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
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I'm considering purchasing a set of turf tires for my YM186D. My ag tires have already done a number on my lawn, and if i'm going to mow at all, i'm thinking i want a set of relatively wide turfs on it. My 9.50x16 rears are approximately 31.5 inches tall, and my 6.00x12 fronts are approximately 22.5 inches tall. I know i will need some aftermarket, or custom made wheels. Has anyone done this, and are there wide turfs that will match up height wise, so i won't have a problem with driveline wrap-up in four wheel drive?
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I just did some thing simular with my little 1110d. I looked up the correct tire diameter for the rear rice tires. I believe I got the size from Firestones site. While, I was there, I also looked up a host of tire sizes that would give me the correct tire diameter. Now, my rears are 14" rims, but you'll have more sizes and widths available in 16". I then went to the junk yard and bought two rims off a junked car. I got them off a Chrysler front wheel drive, but just about any car will work. I then torched out the rim center, broke the spot welds and removed the rest of the rim center. Be careful so you don't bend the outer ring. I then drew up the hub bolt pattern and had a fabrication shop cut two plates out of some 1/8" plate. I then stich welded the plate into the rings. I found a pair of old bias ply studded snow tires in great shape for $20 and had my local farm store mount them for another $10. A board member stepped up and donated some axle hubs so I don't have to swap the hubs evertime I change tires. Thanks Mark! The end result looks pretty stock, if I may say so.


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Looks good ! I realize that i could just drive to several tractor dealers in my area and measure the diameter of tires on anything that looks to have a similar height to mine, but i figured i can't possibly be the first to attempt this. Anyone else ?
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We started working on a wide turf tire & wheel package for the 1500D and 1510D last winter but it got too busy so we put it off. I think the tire we were going to test for the 1500 package was this on the rear and a slightly smaller off brand 6-12 turf on the front. That is the closest I have come up with at the moment without having to change the front wheels as well which adds a lot more expense.

You could, of course, just use the 9.5-16 rear turf (diamond)tires and the 6-12 front turf (diamond) tires if you didn't need them to be wider.

Or... go here and select the smallest ROLLING CIRCUMFERENCE from the list and find something you like, click on "view dimensions & loads" to see if they will work for you.

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Aaron, that rear tire is about what had envisioned on my tractor. I know i could use the narrow tires, but i was thinking about having two complete sets, so it would just be a wheel swap in early summer, then back in late fall. With this in mind, new front rims couldn't add so much as to make it cost prohibitive. I would guess that rear tire would need about a twelve inch wide wheel?? Thanks !

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Hi ducktape
I have an extra set of 186-d rims in stock if you need them.
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I just got through putting industrials on the front and rear of my Iseki. To date $1000. Is this what you had in mind? Hey Wheel can make anything you can dream up.
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A thousand doesn't surprise me. Do you have a pic of it to post? Or perhaps there is a pic posted in the Iseki area? I can trade off some work for tires, so i won't have to pay money out for the tires. I always try to do a little hores trading when i can !

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I hope you mean horse.