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Feb 10, 2011
I started with a $3 hitch.

I cut the hitch down, added clevis hookups and a piece of 2x2 for the upright.

I added some gussets, a piece of 2.5x2.5 on top so I can move a gooseneck and can use it for future attachments.

I need to make my mind up on how I am going to add the chain to keep the 3PH for rising while moving a trailer then clean and paint it.
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Nice job, way to recycle that old hitch!

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Looks good.

Get a flat strap, maybe 2x6x1/8. Drill a 3/4 inch hole in one end and a smaller one in the other. Put your top link pin through the 3/4 hole and a chain shackle through the other. Chain the shackle to your stationary drawbar. Remove the chain when not using the trailer mover, but leave the strap in place for next time.

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Looks like a gooder-un :thumbsup:
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Looks good. Wish I would have thought of that, could probably pick up a hitch at a pull apart place pretty cheap vs buying the steel at the store like I did.
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Thanks guys. I am not the first person to have the idea on recycling the hitch.


I bought a little over 9' of 3/16" chain at Home Depot, that was all they had. I was going to weld a repair link to the trailer mover and use a piece of the chain to connect it to the drawbar when I need it. I decided I don't want to cut that chain and put hooks on the end of it:laughing: I'll keep your idea in mind. I was thinking about welding a piece to the trailer mover and with a hole in it like a rollback bed had so you can just drop the chain in it and you don't need a hook.
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Is it possible to just lock the 3ph once you have hooked on the trailer and lifted to height? Or will the lock still allow for lift? Right now I just have a ball on my box blade and it has more than enough weight to counter any momentary loss of tounge weight on the trailer, but I have been wanting to build a similar set up.
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I've been lowering my 3ph under my trailer tonques for over 10 years now and just lift the 3ph and drive away. If it a heavy load of firewood logs or similar I might snap the hitch closed but most times I just lift the drawbar into the hitch, making sure that there is ample tonque weight. Most times I keep a 1 7/8 ball in the receiver, but I can switch to 2" or 2 5/16" if I really need to (seldom). Don't recall ever having the tonque lift the 3pth except once when someone loaded the first bucket of gravel on the rear of the trailer. Even then we just loaded the next bucket farther forward.....
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I made the thing for the chain. I just need to weld it on now.