Tractor vs Skid Steer Grapple/Loader operation

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May 13, 2022
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After researching for several years and borrowing dads tractor too often, Im ready to buy my own. Looking at 40-50hp, such as the Mahindra 5545 I’m looking at this evening.

My father-in-law has a tl130 takeuchi skid steer that has lived at my house for 5+ years now. He lives in town, I’m in the country. Anyways, the joystick controls are second nature at this point and I can do a lot of work on my properties with that machine. BUT, he plans to sell it soon!

I can only afford 1 machine. I’m telling myself I can put a grapple on the tractor and accomplish the skid steer tasks plus be able to farm and maintain the fields and roads.

But realistically, how disappointed am I gonna be with a tractor fel with grapple, particularly the controls, compared to the skid steer joystick?

Other option I could try to get FIL to cut me a deal, then pick up a 2wd 50hp ford/MF for farming down the road.

Any input/advice? Thanks
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The track loader will run circles around most compact tractors with loaders. But they don't have 3pt hitches and only run PTO equipment out front. Loader-to-loader, you'll be disappointed.

What's the likelihood of dear-ole-dad-in-law selling the track loader to you for a family price? You could put a big brush cutter on the front and do everything you wanted.
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For grapple or heavy duty clearing/cutting, there is no contest that the TL130 is the one to keep.
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You really have a need for both, if you can squeeze in the funds. A tractor with attachments has unlimited uses, just may take a bit longer on a specific job, but is doable. I have thought about this situation many times, can afford both, but still have a tractor. If something is too big, I make it smaller.
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I was debating the same just a couple of weeks ago….went tractor due to cost….run grapple on tractor today…tractor grapple doesn’t compare to skid grapple