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May 17, 2024
john deere
so im a hobby farmer , neighbors terra gator blew up last year full of fertilizer, we emptied it out i put some in some old chemical totes , the rest i dumped on my plot , i covered it until fall when i spread it , nitrogen, where i had the pile the soil has turned to muck , maybe this fall deep rip that area ? your thoughts , thanks
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Dig up the dirt, mix with some more dirt and spread it like you would spread fertilizer.

Or if you compost leaves and stuff, add it to the pile - it will speed up the process and make good compost.
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   / too much fertilizer
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ive been digging it trying to air it out , its like quicksand
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Nitrogen is very hygroscopic, meaning it will easily draw moisture from the air. If you've had much rain or high humidity it will just keep drawing moisture until it gets diluted.

As mentioned above, mixing it with some "browns" leaves, straw, etc., will help in breaking those items down into a compost mixture.
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thanks ill get some grass clippings anything else i can get and mix them in , wont make this mistake again
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Actually, grass clippings are around 4% nitrogen, so you could be adding to the problem.
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ok thanks, what should i mix in there ?
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manure ?
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No manure has more nitrogen too - anything like leaves, straw, composted wood chips, dirt, etc. If you dont have any go buy a bale or two of mulch hay (they sell at farm stores etc) and mix it in.