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Feb 28, 2005
Central Square, NY
I've noticed that in the past few days that anything posted in Front Porch don't show up when I click on new posts. I have to manually switch to FP to see newest posts. Did something change?
For example: I used to click on new posts to see if anything new was posted in Groan part quatre. Past few days has not shown anything using new posts but when I go to Groan thread there were a few new posts in the past couple of days.
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It's been this way for a year. But we can change it back now that politics are no longer allowed.
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What's the point?
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I check new posts daily and prior to 3-4 days ago the Groan Part Quatre did show up. I would then copy or download (save) the memes. I never had to go to front porch to find the groan thread new memes before. Was the Groan thread recently moved to front porch?
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OK Thanks. I see that groan now comes up clicking on new posts again.