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My rub collection is growing to the point that I moved it to my bedroom where there is more space. I put some of the Spice hunter in my Amazon cart. I just bought some of the Kinder SPG at Coscto last week. Haven't used it yet though.

I love this stuff on chicken and pork.

Plowboys YardBird BBQ Rub - 2 Pack - 14 oz
I'm sure you will like this seasoning. Unlike most other poultry seasoning blends this particular blend is not a jar full of grey/green dust, but is instead discrete identifiable spices. Please let us know how much you like it.
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I'm a 'seat of the we pants' cook. Rarely use pre-mixed spices. Just add what and how much feels right that day. Drives my wife crazy because she will want me to make it the same another time and I cannot really duplicate.

Some of those mixes use fillers and drying agents and such. I prefer to use the individual spices. Even better if I grow/dry them myself. I do tend to use mixed curry as I make it infrequently, but maybe now that I'll have more time I can make my own.
One of the reasons I use this particular spice blend Is because it does not contain "fillers and drying agents and such". I mostly use don't use spice blends but do use them when the individual spices are hard to come by. So I buy Thai curry pastes. I don't care for Indian curries much but love Thai curries. I have made curry pastes from scratch but had to drive all over Seattle to find all the ingredients. Then I had to grind some of them with the mortar and pestle. The curries turned out good too. But after seeing Mae Ploy brand curry paste tubs in a Thai restaurant kitchen I started using the stuff. And I make great curry. And I save tons of time and energy and even money.
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I really like the seasonings from this company. I have the Bull, Chicken and Aw ****
All are great for their intended purpose,

Big C Ranch seasonings
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My wife is like that with her mac and cheese. It's never exactly the same, but always tastes great. She just uses whatever cheeses and onions we have at the time. Tasty! :p
Forgot to mention I like to put jalapeño ketchup on my mac and cheese, too.
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Never realized Jalapeno ketchup existed. I may have to try some of that. Would be good on eggs too.
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I like to take a whole chicken, tie it up on a rotisserie, coat it liberally with Mrs. Dash, stuff 1/2 stick of butter inside it, and put it in the George Foreman rotisserie for 90 minutes. Simple and tasty.
I used to do rotisserie chicken on my grill often. Then I discovered the rotisserie chicken at Costco for $4.99. They’re large size, perfectly cooked and cheaper than buying a raw chicken. A loss leader for the store for sure. Now don’t ask me what I spend on other things before I leave the store.