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The rest blame jerry brown.
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Interesting thread. I live in NH just over the Mass line in a town close to a city. Property taxes are always going up. Usually the school rate is voted down but more police and firemen plus new stations always seems to be voted in. The fire stations used to be volunteer, then part time now it's multiple full time stations but in reality not many fires to fight. Most of the taxes goes to the schools and there's a push to add on to the high school because it's "for the kids". Like bigger more expensive schools equate to a better education. I paid to send my kids to private school to make sure they got an actual good education with values I like instead of the ones pushed on them in the public school. It was tough and we still drive old cars but it was worth every penny. Vouchers would have been nice. New average cars are in the $500 to 600 range to register yearly depending on price of course. Property taxes for a house around 300k are maybe 7k a year. Other taxes are on gas, tobacco, restaurants and hotels. Not terrible but man TN is looking good from what I see in this thread. No wonder my sister moved there.