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Are the glow plugs drawing current? Voltage at the glow plug can be present with the plugs not working because they are open circuited.
That's a good point. Checking for voltage at the glow plug doesn't tell anything about whether or not the glow plug is able to use that voltage.

Think of glow plugs like a light bulb in a lamp. The lamp can have voltage to the socket but still no light because the bulb is burnt out. Glow plugs burn out the same way.

So the switch to the glow plugs can be bad (not making contact) or the glow plug itself can be burnt out (not able to complete the circuit) AND there is one other device between switch and glow plug which is a relay to allow extra current to flow to those current-hungry glow plugs. If that relay is not working the glow plugs will not heat up even though they may be getting some voltage and are still not burnt out.

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As of yesterday 5/11 the Kioti is back to work.

I found a great mobile diesel mechanic!
He showed up on time both days and got it fixed, no drama!👍🏻. And Moose diesel came through with the IP parts! Great company to do business with! IMG_3690.jpeg