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Mar 30, 2017
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I bought this tiller a few years ago at an auction. It's an absolute monster and the few times I've used it, I got more done in half an hour (including 3ph hookup time) than I used to get done in four hours with my rear-tine walk-behind. Love it!

So part of this post is "3ph tillers rock!" (especially after buying a few new bolts, taking every bolt off and using lock-tite so my tines don't fall off any more).

The other part: other than making sure there's gear oil in the one side (fill at top/green, to blue level) and presumably in the other side too, and also in the gear box, and check the slip clutch (all these things I did), how are you actually supposed to use this thing - other than the obvious 3ph hookup etc?

Something to note: it came with these wing things which I've yet to attach. Guessing they go on the back plate, but why?
Also note: no manual came with it.

And how deep do you till with it?
Why are there springs on the back, why do I adjust these?

Note that it doesn't seem to have anything like skids (two tubular things were attached that had casters on them but removing the (broken) casters didn't leave a smooth skid like thing). Does it need skids?

Thanks all!


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Is there a name tag or metal plate with
some information on it???

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Looks like that tiller doesn't have skids, so it needs the two metal wheels at the front to control the depth and to provide something for the tiller to ride over the ground.

The wings, are most likely to help cover the tracks left by the wheels. For some reason they mounted the wheels on the outside of the tiller which doesn't make much sense to me.

Here is an image of the metal wheels. Also note that they are mounted on the front of the tiller, so the tiller covers up all the marks.

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I haven't seen a plate on it. Though it was unused it was obviously kept outside, and stickers are gone or completely unreadable.

I found the attached picture online at a Chinese producer's website - it's identical including the casters on the tube steel that supported the unit originally though the emitting end has a different sort of cover.

Unsurprisingly that website doesn't have manuals...
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I have an old 6 ft yanmar tiller that looks similar , mine does not have skids and the rear wheel units had been removed completely. The 3 pt hitch was to close to the rear of the tractor so i fabbed some brackets that moved the tiller out about 4 inches, i also bought a new driveshaft with slipclutch, the tiller works greatnow thati have it set up.
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Mine works great as it is; I was asking mostly about how these are used in general (if there's anything special to consider other than just going for it) and if skids are really necessary.
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If you want control of your depth the skids will help. With the right three point control system they may not be needed.
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Along with controlling the working depth of the tiller, the skids also protect the bearing housing.

The skids wear down with use over time. My old tiller had skids that were about 2.5" wide and .375 thick. In 8 years they were nearly worn out.
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Without the gauge wheels and no skids you do have to keep it from dragging into the ground, I have looked at trying to add skids but there is really no good way to do it. I might try to fab some kind of gauge wheels in the future,