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Feb 28, 2005
Central Square, NY
Looks like I'll be getting some seat time the next couple of days.
Lake effect is supposed to hit us tonight. I'm in the 12-20" band.


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Good luck with that;lived and worked in Central NY for ten years.At least the towns,counties and state are well prepared for it.I am sure our TBN members also are ready.
I was there 1975-85 and saw my share for sure.Hard to believe it can snow that much in such a short time.
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I've lived where I am for the past 31 years. I take the weathermans prediction with a grain of salt. Sometimes they are wrong and other times they under predict. We have had over 20" in a 24 hour period before. The prediction for my area is for more than 24" over the next 48 hours. Lake effect areas can change depending on the wind direction. That's why I finally bought a cabbed tractor. If it happens I'm ready.
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Started snowing here around 5:15. Has a wave of it moved through there yet George? Went from bare lawn to an inch or so in a hurry. Its amazing how the lake effect can pummel an area and just a short distance away the sun will be out. I'm prepared with a new blower to break in so bring it on! Would love to have a cabbed tractor but the budget didn't allow at this time.
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It started here around 17:30. We're due for 1-3 ending at midnight. I'll prob clean up with a *gasp* shovel tomorrow morn!

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As I mentioned before, lake effect predictions can be true or false. The storm warning says 7-14" tonight followed by 5-10" Wed. then 3-6 more Wed. night but the weather in motion radar map doesn't agree. You also know how lake effect can be. I have seen 12" overnight in my area, yet 20" just 5 miles north of me and less than an inch 5 miles south of me all from the same storm. It started snowing lightly here about 4 PM, now at 6 there's about 2".
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Good evening from New Brunswick, we're waiting for the same storm that you are getting. We have almost no snow, except in the wood there might be 2-3 inches. Has been a good winter up to now. Supposed to get 3-6 inches. Here anything less than a foot , need not worry. Have a good night..
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Ahh...Watertown. Home of the 10th Mtn.
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Here in Central Nova Scotia we're expecting around 5-8"of snow over the next 24hrs.
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3" snow last night more this weekend,we are starting to pay our dues here now.