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Mar 22, 2006
~'88 1872(sold); '08 GT2554

I doubt I paid that much for it 8 years ago and probably wouldn't have.

Bought one of these about 8 years ago. It's been sitting outside for the past 6 years without use. Since I got the new tractor I've felt like doing some yard work(yuk! :) ).

Had to replace one wheel due to a rotted tire. It was easier to replace the whole wheel/tire(about $15.00).

Used it to mulch and dig up the beds a little. It operated and worked perfectly and was in great condition.

Has removable sides(without tools) and makes into a flat bed. Has a tilt feature that is very easy to use.

Overall I'd give this thing and A for operation and longevity, especially under the great care I've given it ;). It is just a little small but is fine for my meager applications.
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I haven't used one of their trailers, but I've used quite a number of Rubbermaid products; ice chests, storage buildings, and smaller containers and have never had a complaint with any of them.
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Yeah I usually really like rubbermaid products.

I always wanted to find out if I could get say 4x8 sheets of the 'bin' material, I always wanted to make a lite weight 'pan' to keep mud and rocks out from the bottom of the bush truck while wheeling