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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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Being 75 pounds over weight and with all of the arthritis pulling up to get on either tractor is a chore. After about 15 years finally got a physical and while no treatment is required other than take Vitamin D my good cholesterol number should be higher.

When hauling the couple loads of hay I was drinking a lot of RC cola since there is a machine up the road so I had a couple bottles in the frig when I decided to loose the extra 75 pounds I am packing. I had to do something with the two bottles and since 99% of diet ads I see on websites have a gimmick I decide as part of my 75 pound plan I would require drinking 4 oz of RC cola after breakfast each morning.

So far so good on the RC diet being in the second week I have lost 10% of the total that I am loosing over 40 weeks.

It is lunch time so eating is on my mind. :) The best I can learn a male needs a min of well balanced 1500 calories a day when loosing weight and I try to get 500 of them for breakfast. My mental encourage is picturing a body suit with 15 pockets that each will hold a 5 pound bag of sugar and out in public walking around wearing it filled with the 15 bags of sugar. :)

Since I take no meds and have no typical health issues of many at 62 I thought it was a good time to deal with the weight. I got down to 172 after my bilateral hip replacement 1 Aug 1991 and one will be 22 tomorrow and the other one had a revision in 2006 due to a fall mowing in 2003 but the pin down to the knee is still the same. Come spring at 172 pounds getting on the tractors should be much easier. :D
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No moon pies allowed.

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Mark that remark comes up went I mention the RC diet to my generation. :)
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Don't drink nary colas at all! Diet cola or not - them things are about like putting pison in ye system. Find ye some, oh, say 4 - 5,000 year old water to drink.
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if you have arthritis.. stop the cola.. look into some things like cinnamon too. natural anti inflamatory. just don't overdo it on regular store bought cin. only 2grams max a day.. as it can cause liver toxcicity to a small degree. On the other hand.. if you get the tru ceylon/zelon cinnamon.. it is much, much, much easier on the liver..

omega oils can help with inflamation. anything that helps with circulation ( general heart and vein health ) will be good.. keeps fluids drained. horse chestnut.. astraxanthan..etc..
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I'll second the drinking water! It not only is good for the diet, but helps keep hydration good, which helps with discomfort. Also, as they say, "Motion is lotion", meaning the more you move the joints, the better lubricated they will be, as long as there is cartilage still there, and not just bone on bone.
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Gale,, I also have to lose a few pounds,, about fifty,, I will be 67 soon,, Beer put it on.. so have to cut a lot of carbs,, now if I drink I have Crown Royal and diet coke.. I can have anything I want to eat as long as I stay under 50 carbs and 1500 calories.. so far I have lost 22 pounds in two months.. Lou
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Don't drink nary colas at all! Diet cola or not - them things are about like putting pison in ye system. Find ye some, oh, say 4 - 5,000 year old water to drink.

But the Water Diet is boring and the name is already in use. :)

I do know about diet drinks causing weight gains because it messes with the brain so I try to say away from them pull they grip my gut. Yesterday I bought two more 20 oz bottles of RC since I plan to stay on the RC cola diet until I loose the 75 pounds.

Pigging out on a meal and then stopping at Diary Queen on the way home for a banana split are both out but I know it is not realistic to expect to be sociable and eat perfectly all of the time.

Being a glutton is something that is enjoyable at the time for me but I know it is a death wish in the end. Physical and mental stresses seem to play a role in my weight gaining so off loading stress helps me in two ways at the same time. :)

Getting the mini horses and working in the hot hayloft for the first time in 44 years pointed out the folly of my fat. A lot of little wrong things lead to my weight gain over the years. Sometimes the warning light is slow to come on when it comes to bad personal habits I find.
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Lou66 that is good news. It is much harder for me to loose weight today and it is more harmful than ever too. It seems like the 1500 calories a day is the the same and magic number for me as well. I happen to love tuna, salmon, almonds and fruit. Water is important as Soundguy noted and I drink about a gallon many days. Keeping hydrated really lowers my pain level as does staying away from some types of people. :) Fish oil is the main thing I take as meds and I have stated a one a day vitamin just to make sure I am not short there.

While I am watching what I eat I too will eat only stuff that I like so when I hit 172 I will not be changing what I eat just how much I eat. When I am 75 pounds lighter I will not need as many calories to move my butt around so my needs will be lower.
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and great thing to add to a good diet is exercise. and you don't have to kill yourself either. something as 'easy' as a 30minute brisk walk each day helps the joint.. moves lymph, and helps regualte blood sugar.

I go for lean protiens.. like fish and turkey , chicken, lean sirloin. grilled or baked or broiled.. no deep fry.. no breading.. no ground beef.. and only super lean straight ground chicken or turkey breast.

try to eat a fresh vegi and a leafy vegi and a friut and lean protien combination daily. Cut down / eliminate free sugars like in tea and flavored drinks like coffee. just drink unsweetened. cut out fatty dairy.. go with non or at least low fat dairy. i adjusted to nonfat milk and yogert easilly. multi grain, low sugar cerials, multi grain breads.. try to eliminate white breads. if swelling, arthritis are a problem, expirement with cutting out gluten and alcohol, excess salt..e tc. I don't even use added salt anymore.. i 'switched' to dry podered garlic as my 'add flavor' spice. that and peper is good for you.

If you are a salad eater.. swap to a healthy dressing.. like balsamic or red wine vinegar. you can 'ruin' a good healthy spinach and grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing as the 2 table spoons of ranch can add nearly 260 fat calories!! Also, sub in 'better' condiments. for instance. dill pickles are virtually 'free' except watcht he sodium.. also.. mustard is the same way. for mayo.. you can get kraft fat free.. and sugar free ketchup.

seems like small gains.. but adds up. many time sthe whole grain breads and wraps are more fibre than the bleached white breads.

all helps...