Rk55 forestry hardening

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AFTER reading several posts on TBN and BEFORE I got my grapple. This is my OEM grill guard now.

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That looks like a good solution.

I think we're going to do something for the back of the grapple and a different something for the grill guard... Might just add mesh to the existing one.

A forum member posted that he's selling a solution too, even tho I barked at them for pretending to 'find' and recommend a product... I'd consider buying a well fabbed grill (more importantly rad/cooler) guard.
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It's been 6 months. Any updates?
Lol. Check the dates... It's been longer.

I put some expanded metal to back the grapple.

And we made a simple guard for the filters under the cab.

Those extra hydraulic ports allow me to use the loader control for the top/tilt cylinders on the rear.


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