Replacement backhoe teeth?

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Mar 30, 2017
Northern California
Branson 3520h
Has anyone found a non-dealer source for the branson backhoe bucket teeth?
I got overly aggressive a while back and busted a couple teeth and while I'm ok for the moment I'd like to have some extras on hand.

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I happened to see these in the shed so I took some comparison pics.

The Titan tooth is on the left, Branson on the right.


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I saw the Titan teeth online, but with no dimensions to compare. Looks close enough or modify the bucket to make work
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$85/3 = $28.33 each, + tax, no shipping; still seems pricey.

I can't recall how much I paid for replacements at Dave's, + tax & shipping, but it may've been about that.

From the comparison pics it looks like there's more metal thickness on the OEM tooth brackets and the nuts are slightly recessed, though the titan ones are pointier (which would definitely help in hard clay) but who knows how the metal itself compares.
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What are the letters on the top of your tooth, OMT?
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Drill/torch another hole and get teeth that are more available