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969 rpm? 16 rotations per second?
What makes you wonder ?
I have made really like 5 sec googling of "hydromotor" and on first page first result, third in row motor makes 3500 rpm. Plain standard.

Drum is driven via gear worm, thus it becomes really slooooow as comrades have noticed 😀
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Ok so the hydraulic motor doesn't spin. I took the chain off the two sprockets, the sprocket that runs the wormgear spins and the drum spins but no dice on the motor. I even filled it with PB Blaster and let is soak all week, tried hitting between the teeth with chisel and hammer to no avail, I guess I'll either get a new motor or possibly run it off of the PTO.
What do you think of that? It does have a disengagement lever for free spooling. I good gear it up with larger sprocket. How fast do you suppose I can turn the worm and have it hold up? The thing is built like a tank.
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I wonder if there's a seal kit for this motor?
Keep in mind that motor with 650/867 inch pounds is 54/73 FOOT pounds, that's not a lot if you think about using a torque wrench.
That makes me question gearing it up faster in terms of its pulling power. Small sprocket increments might be a good approach but the cost to find the sweet spot might get expensive.