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Haven't got much snow yet this year but clearing off my 1/4 mile long blacktop lane gets the Sun on it and really accelerates melting. The poly edge is new for this year. Chatters on the dry pavement but behaves nicely once loaded. Still learning with it.



The Rhino 5006 handles ~%80 of the snow work anymore. Super handy for those common 'nuisance' snows. Use the offset boom throughout the season to keep the lane from magically 'narrowing' like it always does somehow ;<)
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I'd used the bucket and snowblower for the past 7 years, and picked up a manual angle plow for the front a couple of years ago, it looks like it was home built from an old boiler or something, and whoever built it did a pretty decent job using a torch to cut everything, and apparently didn't own a tape measure... I finally got around to making it a power angle to run off the 3rd function this fall. I think I need need to make a couple of design changes with the rear cylinder mounts, I guess we'll see how it makes it through the winter.

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Finished up some night plowing


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Here in north idaho They were predicting 10” overnight…adding to the 24” we have already received . Woke up to…..1/4”. Why i bother listening to them.
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I bought these (rear) tires a year ago to have on hand. The original tires were showing some sidewall cracking that made me nervous. Well I did get another year out of the originals, but I sent them off earlier this week to get mounted.


They should really improve the ride on the road between plowing and I'm expecting a lot better tread wear.
In our gravelly soils the fronts that have been on the tractor for several years and I haven't really noticed a difference in traction. I'm sure that with some red clay would be a very different story.
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Good looking tires, hope they work good for you.
No chains when your plowing?
Must be nice :)
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Sorry, but i dont see how that tire would eliminate chains in ice.
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Lou I can get by with the screw in studs. I'm on the road with a reasonable 8-10 mile "route" plowing driveways and a church.
That would be a pretty miserable ride with chains not to mention wearing them out.
If I just plowed around my property I'd have my ice chains on.
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We have looked at the screw in studs for at least one tractor to possibly have a roading tractor for feeding that we don't have to drop and reinstall chains frequently. Three to five miles a day on chains can be aggravating when the main road is clear.