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No videos taken, too much fun was being had. I didn't have to go too slow when going through the deeper snow. The biggest problem was there was a layer of ice at the bottom and if the blower caught the ground it would just stop the tractor and spin the tires since I have no chains installed. Simply just raised it an inch and went on my way.

I moved in the house 2 years ago and used by UTV with a plow the first year. That winter we got quite a bit of snow. We had one 6 inch snowfall and the rest were 10 to 16 inches. I was spending 3-5 hours cleaning snow up. Now it's less than an hour. I can't believe how well this blower works, even cleaning up what the county plow trucks leave at the end of the driveway are not a problem.

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They work VERY nicely, I've seen so many minds blown when I've explained the concept to US tractor owners. I tell them we've used them in Scandinavia for 60+ years.
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My current setup .... option 1.



Option 2.





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We now have about 12” of standing snow on ground, plus whats melted off this season. There predicting another 10-20” thru monday here. Well have to see about that, as its been snowing steadily for hours, very fine flakes, and has only added 2” since last night.