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Could be but I doubt it. Says Lucknow right on the build tag and I bought it at least 13 years ago new. Around here blowers see very infrequent use.
Sorry, I was referring to mine! I have a couple of Lucknows that are on my new holland tractors
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Anyone looking for a new used snow blower here's one that just popped up on Craigs list.
Trackless mt3 snowblower - heavy equipment - by owner - sale

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Well the dealer just delivered my new to me used 90" Normand inverted blower;
I'll need to reverse the poly back drag cutting edge and touch up a bunch of rusty spots were the salt got to it and remove some decals.
blower 4.jpg

blower 5.jpg

blower 7.jpg
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You are going to like that.
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lou have you ever had a pull snowblower before? Wonder how good they are in deep snow ? You beeing in the snow belt, I guess you should be a expert. What type is best for deep snow. 🍻
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This is my first pull type, I've had the "conventional" backing to blow.
My tractor is a bit over 10,000 pounds and she will have the Aquiline chains on,
I can drive thru 20-24 inches of fresh snow so I anticipate not having many issues.
I'm not in the western NY snow belt most of my storms will be 12" and under
a few 20". If it's to deep to drive thru I can use the front blade to cut a path thru
leaving a foot or so.
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Post videos when you get to use it.
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Here is a follow up to my earlier post, tractor/blower/frame are all done and it's just waiting on snow now!


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looks good hope you have a long wait :)