Buying Advice Out of State Sales Tax Confusion

   / Out of State Sales Tax Confusion #141  
I didn't pay sales tax. You don't pay sales tax for ag equipment here.
   / Out of State Sales Tax Confusion #143  
I didn't pay sales tax. You don't pay sales tax for ag equipment here.
Same here but I wasn't going to commit fraud to get a few bucks off. I don't do ag. I garden for myself. Yah I could have put a jar of honey or store bought eggs out front for sale but that'd be a fraud too.
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No sales tax if you have an ag exemption in Texas.
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All I can say, is I wish it wasn’t so confusing trying to keep up with everything. My husband buys where ever he feels he gets the best deal and doesn’t always put the paperwork in it’s proper place.
Come time to file taxes, I want to pull my hair out!
   / Out of State Sales Tax Confusion #148  
Bought my tractor in VA and I am in NC. dealer told me if I come up there to pay for it and pick it up he has to charge me VA sales tax.
If he delivers it to me, I don't have to pay it.
NC I have to pay the tax to report it for personal tax unless I get an ag exemption...I think??
Anybody from NC?
   / Out of State Sales Tax Confusion #149  
When we sold cars to from CA to Oregon residents we had to collect tax unless delivery taken outside CA.

Often that my meant the State Line...

We could hire transport or Dealership could transport/drive to Stateline.
   / Out of State Sales Tax Confusion #150  
^^^ False statement that could get someone in serious trouble.

You have a habit of making statements that are more opinion than fact.

Alabama Use Tax Rate - 2022 › alabama › use-tax
The Alabama use tax should be paid for items bought tax-free over the internet, bought while traveling, or transported into Alabama from a state with a lower sales tax rate. The Alabama use tax rate is 4%, the same as the regular Alabama sales tax. Including local taxes, the Alabama use tax can be as high as 7.000%

Consumers Use Tax - Alabama Department of Revenue › sales-use › consumers-use-tax
The consumers use tax is imposed on tangible personal property brought into Alabama for storage, use, or consumption in the state when the seller did not collect seller's use tax on the sale of the property. Local Consumers Use Tax Many cities and counties have use tax requirements patterned after the state law ...

But nearly all states have some kind of Use Tax similar to the above that puts the burden on the buyer and many have reciprocal agreements that report the sales to each other enabling collection if not properly reported.

But that doesn't mean you don't have to pay each year. Even if not registered or insured for road use, some tax vehicles as personal property and charge annually whether they ever see public roads or even if they don't run at all. The only way to avoid the annual taxes is to dispose of the junkers or pay a mechanic to write a statement that the vehicle is unrepairable and has no value.
No sales tax IN ALABAMA on out of state purchaser. Read more closely next time.