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Love my Dexter beef, home grown - home processed. No selling at this time,
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Love my Dexter beef, home grown - home processed. No selling at this time,
What’s your feeding process and average weight? We are strictly forage based. If I grow it they eat it. No purchased grain. However if I get to where we pick corn I want to process it myself.

The one I picked up today was our heaviest yet at 564 hanging. 42 lbs over our now 2nd heaviest. 30 months. Currently our average is about 23.7 months and a 428 lbs hanging average. 13 animals currently processed.
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Plus if you order from Omaha Steaks, you’ll be stuck with the styrofoam shipping container in your basement for the rest of your life…….
Not really, my wife uses them for outside cat houses and when they get all smegged up, they go in the burn pile. I gift Omaha Steaks and they are expensive but a gift is a gift. We always have a freezer full of farm raised beef that I raise and butcher. We have bear, elk whitetail as well. Just bought a pig the other day, it's at the slaughter house right now. They kill it, butcher it and wrap it as we want it. Bacon is smoked as is the chops and ll of the domestic meat is about 1/2 the price in the grocery store and that even includes the feed and vet bills.

I did tell them I wanted the pig feet. I like pickled pigs feet (minus the hair of course and hooves).

First pork belly for us.
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We are mostly forage, they all get 1 scoop of cattle mix in their own bowls in the afternoon, to keep the more social and make sure they come when called.
A few time a we get some range cubes (cow crack) and let some campers hand feed.

I never weigh any, we let steers grow for 24 to 36+ month and then put one in freezer late Oct every year. We are 100% on the homestead processing so weight does not matter per se.

I'd say most steers go 500-700 on the hoof but I had a mutt that was over 1100.

I lost my bull this year and an new one will come in this spring. Most likely right now it is registered bull calf and it will take bit to see. My last bull carried Chondro so we saw a few minis, still eat fine.

I have 5 cows and 5 steers in the pasture now (plus a couple heifer calves). Steers are from 30 months down to 2 months.
I really did not enjoy dealing with a 1100 steer a lot of effort. This year's was about 600 and processing was much easier.
Seems like I always have one in wings ready to attend freezer camp if we run low.
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The ones I raise (I've really thinned the herd down) I raise an basically alfalfa hay (vernal) and a ration of DDG. I'm a commercial hay grower (all alfalfa) I never look at the hanging weight really. Just package it up, flash freeze it and I come and get it. So long as it's fork tender I'm good with it. The pig we bought (from another farmer), I hope it's good. First buy from him actually and if it isn't, won't be another. I cannot stand raising pork bellies. They stink and so does their manure stink but I do like what is under the fuzzy skin. besides, if I did, my wife would make a house pet out of She had a pot bellied pig once and they stink as well.