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No they called for a conventional Diesel rated single grade oil, preferably HD 40W in warm weather.

Delo 100 Motor Oil is recommended for use in two- and four-stroke diesel engines in farm machinery, construction equipment, marine, and other off-highway
applications where SAE 40 grade is specified by the OEM. Delo 100 Motor Oil is recommended for use in two-stroke diesel engines requiring highly effective
control of wear and deposits. Delo 100 Motor Oil utilizes exceptional quality technology to provide excellent performance in older engines burning ultra low sulfur
diesel fuels. Delo 100 Motor Oil meets the requirements of:

• API Service Categories
— CF†, CF-2†
• Detroit Diesel Corporation two-stroke engine
recommendations, including the 0.85% ash
maximum limit for Series 149 engines.


Rotella 550045380 T1 30 Cf/CF-2​

The oils you listed are CF-2 rated oils, just like I mentioned. That is a specification for two-stroke diesel engine oil, as they had special requirements compared to a four-stroke diesel engine, one of which is low ash content. CF-2 oil is not gasoline two-stroke engine oil, that is completely different with different specs (TC-W3 for outboards, often the JASO "F" rating system for on-land engines.) Using the CF-4 oil that the OP posted would not be a good idea, like I said.
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What is CF and SF engine oil?
It was approved for the Detroits and also the 4 stroke diesels of that era.

SAE 30 API CF/SF is a high performance monograde diesel engine oil formulated from advanced technology base oils and a balanced additive system. They are specifically engineered for performance in inter-cooled, turbo-charged engines operating under severe on and off-highway conditions.